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I need your comments Please! Society Skill Development for Poverty Alleviation Here we are working against the poverty so called mother of Terrorism and you people are in good sense and in peace you can comment about. If  you want to visit SSDPA Click here
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All our services are free of cost please view above sites and give your comments about the vision and mission of these organisations.
Pakistan bears more than 50% ignorant people and we continuesly producing ignorancy at the cost of non-planning.
Our schools unable to attract our generation to themselves, We have three classes of Education,
1. Upper Class (Very Expensive Private Schools)
2. Middle Class (Private Schools)
3. Government Schools
All of them hav different in syllabus and activities, Charactor building approach of Private institutions are un-matchable but they are unable to compete government schools in standards of education.
Please feel free to Comment about what you want
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